Code Free or Die Hard

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In 1988 the Department of computer Science instituted a yearly lecture series now know as the Paul G Sorensen Distinguished Graduate Lecture. Since its inception an impressive list of speakers have graced the presentation stage and imparted their wisdom and experience to the undergraduates and faculty of the University of Saskatchewan and other interested parties.

This year, VendAsta’s very own CTO, Jason Collins has the honor of joining this elite group of presenters. Those of you that have been fortunate enough to have seen Jason speak before will know not to miss this presentation titled:

Code Free or Die Hard

Free content. Free application hosting. Unprecedented access to customers eager to use your application – and promote it to their social networks, for free. Multiple frameworks, APIs, and development tools jostling for your attention. Users are on the move, their phones know where they are and where they’ve been, they’re connected all the time – but their interactions with technology are faster, more fleeting, lighter on content but heavy with context. What does this all mean for developers? It means being able to operate in multiple environments simultaneously. It means writing smaller amounts of highly functional code. It means keeping pace with a consumer-facing software sector that is frantic, kinetic, and creatively destructive – now more than ever.

The event is open to all and is posted on the University of Saskatchewan’s website .

2008 P.G. Sorenson Distinguished Graduate Lecture
“Code Free or Die Hard”
Speaker: Jason Collins
Date: Thursday, October 23rd, 2008
Time: 7:30 pm
Room: Arts 146
Everyone is welcome.

Congratulations to our very own Jason Collins – He’s kind of a big deal!

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