Can Content Marketing Solve Reputation Crises?

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What do Nestle, Dell, and George Bush have in common? According to this article from Marketing Land, they’ve all experienced PR crises that might have been averted with a healthy blend of reputation management and positive content marketing.

Of course, reputation management isn’t solely for crisis management (the stories are entertaining, though, so give them a read if you’ve got time for a laugh). As the author emphasizes, consistent publishing of relevant content is not only the best way to engage customers and start positive conversations, but it’s also the best antidote for bad reviews, negative mentions, and general naysayers.

“Online reputation management isn’t about obliterating any negative mention or association made with your organization, [it’s about] mitigating those negative results with strong, positive, visible, and consistent content. … You don’t want to wait until there’s a fire blazing to assemble the tools you needs to douse the blaze. Rather, you not only want those tools in place, you want to have already constructed fortifications in the form of plenty of optimized content on the web in general, as well as on blogs, social media and social networking sites.”

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