Bringing it all together with Partner Central.

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We’ve spent the last year assembling a menu of products that augment our traditional expertise in reputation management for SMBs.

There’s a reason we’ve chosen to build these particular products. They go together – not just in the sense that they all deal directly or indirectly with reputation, but in the sense that their functions are closely integrated:

  • Our solution for businesses with multiple locations, National Brand Reports, organizes and parses data gathered by Reputation Management.
  • Our Mobile-Optimized Microsites help businesses publish and promote positive content, including content found through, you guessed it, Reputation Management.
  • And our as-yet-unreleased Assisted Reputation Management service, as you might have deduced from the name, will augment the functionality of our Reputation Management solution.

Each of these products stands on its own, and we’re happy whenever a partner chooses to offer any one of them. But obviously we’re happier when they’re all offered together. To make that option more attractive, starting this week we’re integrating the admin panels for all the above products into a single interface known as Partner Central.

Henceforth, when our partners log in to administer their Reputation Management, Microsites, and National Brands accounts, they’ll be redirected to Partner Central*. Their login credentials will remain the same, and the interface they see will be identical to what they’re used to. But along the top of the screen they’ll see a menu of all VendAsta’s products – including the ones they don’t yet subscribe to.

The most deviously brilliant part is, these products will be enabled by default, so that our one-product partners can try our other offerings for free without having to sign up. Want to see how VendAsta can help your SMB customers get on the mobile web? Now there’s nothing stopping you from testing out our Microsites platform.

You can get to Partner Central from the login link on the top right corner of

* Some of our partners have their own user interfaces which integrate VendAsta data via our APIs. These partners will be unaffected by the switchover to Partner Central.