For one glorious afternoon every summer, Brendan invites everyone over to his backyard to drink his liqour, bounce on his trampoline, and carouse in his pool.

We've been lucky so far - in the three years of VendAsta's existence, the party hasn't been rained out yet. This year the skies were murky, but it was northern Saskatchewan forest fires, not rainclouds, that cast a pall over our shenanigans.

A record number of participants entered this year's swimming race, so many that it had to be divided into an A pool and a B pool. (Both pools swam in the same pool.) Ches, who tried to back out because of a toe injury, was peer-pressured into competing and wound up dominating the A pool. Jason won the B pool. Tavis was awarded special recognition for the widest gap between trash-talking and accomplishment.

Nicole out-trampolined Tiffany, Jeff, and Ryan in her last public appearance in Saskatoon. John proudly showed off his weird hippie toe-shoes. Some people hula-hooped. Other stuff happened, I can't remember. Luckily Krystian took a ton of photos.


Brendan in "Dear Leader" pose.

Chris pulls out his best party trick.

Tavis executes a graceful parabola.

Ryan swoops down like an osprey.

Krystian propped a second camera on top of the garage to take this time-lapse video of the pool area:

More photos, as always, on the VendAsta Facebook page.