Brendan speaks!…and, job openings!

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Brendan speaks!

Over on his personal blog, VendAsta CEO Brendan King has just concluded a one-year experiment in non-blogging. He spent 2011 learning the ropes on Twitter, and after twelve months seems to have concluded that pith, concision, and haphazard abbreviation aren’t really his style. (Mine either.) Brendan told me he’s going to try and get back to blogging regularly in 2012. He even tasked Liz with updating his blog banner for the first time since the MyFrontSteps days.

What's MyFrontSteps again?

Meanwhile, enjoy Brendan’s recap of VendAsta’s most successful year yet.

Job openings!

I’ve been with this company almost from the start, and as far as I can recall, our website has never advertised fewer than two job openings. We’re always looking for qualified people. Lack of man- and womanpower is our main obstacle to unfettered growth. We’re forever just a couple programmers away from world conquest.

Over the holidays I helped Allan update the Careers page. We’ve got five positions open right now. I know you’re out there somewhere…

  • A Front-End Developer who knows Ajax, JavaScript, and CSS, and has experience in interface design.
  • A Software Engineer in Testing with excellent coding skills and a familiarity with internet technologies, who’ll help us improve the performance of our products.
  • A Web Designer who combines Photoshop and Illustrator expertise with an understanding of web usability principles.
  • An Account Manager with marketing and client-relations acumen to help keep our partners happy.
  • And – as always – qualified Software Developers.

You can apply for all the above jobs on the VendAsta Careers page.