VendAsta CEO Brendan King at 2011 MoSo Conference.

VendAsta CEO Brendan King puts on a good show. © Liam Richards Photography.

VendAsta will be represented at this year's Directional Media Strategies summit in Denver by CEO Brendan King, who is participating in a Day 2 forum on "The Social-Driven SMB":

Driving and acquiring new customers is great - keeping them is even better. The role of social CRM and reputation management is not trivial - it may be the linchpin. As this area gains attention and traction, it's critical to know what works, what doesn't and what is next on the horizon. How lucrative will it be to help businesses understand how their brands are faring in the context of comments, rating and reviews? What is the best business model and why?

Brendan and his co-panelists will be assessing different strategies small and medium businesses are using to engage customers through social media, both successful and unsuccessful. How can a business attract Facebook fans and Twitter followers, and what do you do once you've got them? Are some strategies better left untried? What the heck is "fan-gating"?

Brendan is known for his expertise in reputation management, which will play an increasingly vital part in any SMB social strategy. Social loyalty is another area that Brendan is very bullish about, and he may have to walk a fine line in discussing the opportunities there without giving away too much of VendAsta's business strategy.

If you're going to be in Denver, drop by "The Social-Driven SMB" between 4 and 5:30 on Wednesday. Brendan, along with VendAsta founding partners Jeff Tomlin and Ches Hagen, will be in town for all three days of the conference, so keep your eyes open for them.