From August into Autumn, the Sales & Product Webinars You Missed

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With August behind us and summer regrettably coming to a close, it’s time to get back to business with a renewed vigor. For most of our partners, that means an increased focus on sales through more prospect pitches and upsells. Unless your prospects are tech fanatics who live streamed the latest iPhone unveiling over their lunch break, it’s not always easy to sell digital solutions to local businesses.

That’s why we try to arm you with all of the resources you need to make the sale. The very basic elements? A presentation along with a script! Do talk to your prospects about the problems business face online but don’t offer products, provide solutions to their problems. Do you need a new car that gets 22 MPG, costs $12,600 to fuel over a five-year period, emits 347 grams of CO2 per mile or do you need a more fuel efficient family car?

This not-to-be-missed sales webinar has our Senior Success Manager Lorie walking through the exact pitch we recommend you use when selling digital to local businesses.

Now, on to the techy good stuff! Do you love a deal? Whether it’s food, retail a contest or promotion, I love knowing that I was able to get in on something that may not have been made available to all other consumers. Like this morning, I got an email from a major airline announcing a private 48-hour seat sale, and then over lunch today, I saw that my favorite shoe store in town is having an end of summer sale that they announced on social media. Both got my attention and I made a mental note to follow up, but in all honesty I’ll likely forget to act on either of them.

Now, what if that same airline or shoe store had sent me a text? Delivered their message that they knew I was at least somewhat interested in, right into the palm of my hand? With 90% of text messages being read in the first five seconds of delivery and all text messages having a final read rate of 98%, I can almost guarantee that a text message would have brought me much closer to my final buying decision.

5STAR offers just this—and more! As August’s not-to-be-missed product webinar, 5STAR provides businesses with a text marketing and notification platform between the business owner and their consumers.

Like what you see? All of our webinars can be found in our Resource Center (both sales and product) and you can sign up for the weekly invites, here. See you on our next webinar!


Amy Gill

As Vendasta’s Sales Marketing Manager, Amy is responsible for creating and managing the content for our killer sales team of 40+ strong. A self proclaimed foodie with a closet far too large, she loves her job and probably takes it a little too seriously.