Are you Losing out on Revenue because You’re not Using the Right Marketing Tools?

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There are a ton of marketing automation and sales CRM platforms out there, but very few are specifically designed for agencies and media companies. Fewer still, are ones that can gather and deliver critical insights about your prospects’ business on your behalf.

So let’s not split hairs herethe local business space is a tough market to play in. Mucking in the corners with thousands of agency competitors aside, simply getting the attention of local businesses can be like pulling teeth.

Some pretty depressing numbers. To make it in the local space, you gotta be gritty and you gotta be tough, but more importantly, you gotta be smart. With technology becoming more specialized, it’s no longer about using the tools that are simply available; now it’s about finding the tools designed for your industry and for your business.

Check out what Modesto Bee, the 130 year-old media company is doing to breakthrough those ugly numbers and get noticed by local businesses--they've generated more than 55k in less than a month!

Jamie Taylor

Jamie is a Paid Media Strategist, specializing in ad development and lead generation communications