While most of the working world was taking it easy over the weekend (perhaps enjoying the last snow-less days Saskatchewan will be seeing for a while), a small group of Saskatoon's tech community met at VendAsta's office to participate in the Apps4Good Hackathon. Among them were entrepreneurs, freelancers, mobile developers, web developers, and a PhD student -- certainly a wide range of skills.

The Apps4Good event started in 2009 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It aims to build re-usable open source mobile apps for civic engagement and to help out local and charitable organizations.

Yudi Xue says: "We started by web-conferencing with two other teams of hackers [from Regina, SK and Zambia, Africa] and situation briefing. Then we began brainstorming ideas and narrowing them down to three ideas that were executable ... After that, we broke up into three teams for those three different projects."

The three projects were:

1. Brandagram: a simple camera app to brand photos with a watermark or a border for an organization or event. (Mobile iOS)
2. Social Dashboard: aggregated Facebook, Twitter, iCAL, and RSS data that allows for easy sharing via social networks (Mobile iOS)
3. Local Heroes: a way to thank people in the community for being awesome (Web-based)

All three teams were able to finish their projects on time and demo them at 5pm on Sunday, October 21st. Their source code can be accessed from https://github.com/apps4good.

For more information on Apps4Good, visit their website at apps4good.ca. It's a great event, so we encourage everyone to learn more and get involved.

The next tech event that'll be held at VendAsta is BarCamp on Saturday, November 3rd. For more infomation, check out their Facebook Group or Twitter page. Look forward to seeing you there, it's gonna be big!