Allan with a camera on his head.

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Brendan’s fourth annual backyard pool party was Friday. To shield himself from the sun’s harsh rays, Allan put a camera on his head:

The camera was set to snap a photo automatically every 10 seconds. With the following results:

Allan squeezing the meat.

Spritzing the gallery.

Whipping the pool noodle.

Noodle whiplash.

Bum War: Nathan vs. Tiffany.

Bear keeps an eye on the hijinks.

Altogether, Allan’s forehead-cam took over 1200 pictures, most of which have been merged into this time-lapse POV video:

Rise of a champion.

For the last two years, Ches has dominated the swimming tournament. But since last year’s event, we brought on Dale, an adherent of the CrossFit exercise regime, AKA the do-burpees-till-you-puke workout. While Ches’s torso has been trending barrelward of late, Dale still has the inverted-triangle physique of an actual athlete. But beyond his general air of youthfulness and good health, there was no reason to assume the newcomer had any special aptitude in the pool. He himself refrained from making any incautious predictions.

Ches relaxes while Dale prepares to strike.

In an early heat, Dale won by such a comfortable margin that he’d actually pulled himself out of the pool and begun toweling himself down before his competitor reached the finish line. Ches gave the upstart a wary, appraising look. Clearly, here was a threat.

You can watch the finals at the 5-minute mark of the time-lapse video. Dale is on the right, wearing goggles. Ches is on the left, wearing a fearful expression.