I've been too busy to take notes on our demos these last couple weeks.

It's too bad - I've had to pass up some good material. Jeff gave a presentation about search engine optimization. Jason and Shawn gave a pair of detailed talks about Finite State Machines. Blair decapitated a pineapple, to much applause.

Alas, all those moments went unblogged, and might as well never have happened. When the ruins of our civilization are sifted, ten thousand years from now, Blair's fossilized pineapple will turn up, and our robot inheritors will be unable to match it to a reference in their digital records.

And their robot tears will fall.

We're not just nerds - we're athletic nerds!

Last Friday as I strolled through the StepRep offices, Shawn hailed me.

"Hey," he said, "Mike and Jeff and I are doing the relay in the Queen City Marathon on Sunday and we want you to blog about it."

"Is it okay if I blog about it next week? I'm a little busy today."

"Yes. In fact it's better if you wait till next week, just in case we don't make it across the finish line."

Mike, Jeff, and Shawn, the fastest coders in town.

Monday comes, and it's time to take this photo. The boys follow me stiff-legged down the stairs. I'm disappointed that they aren't taking advantage of the opportunity to play dress-up. "I was hoping you'd change into your sweaty spandex running shorts," I say.

"I don't own any," says Jeff.

"What, you run in your jeans?"

"I run naked from the waist down. For aerodynamics."

I thought that wisecrack should be preserved for the robots of the year 10,000 AD.

So congratulations to Team Deadline Exceeded (I assume that's a coding joke of some kind) for their 31st-place finish. (...Which sounds more impressive if you add that they were 31st out of 157.)