AD Ideas to offer VendAsta’s Reputation Management to independent directories.

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We just signed a deal with AD Ideas, the San Antonio-based specialists in directory advertising, to supply online reputation management to local directory publishers and their advertisers.

As a VendAsta Platform Partner, AD Ideas will provide our software to their client list of independent directory publishers, who will in turn offer monthly subscriptions to their advertisers.

AD Ideas president and founder Debbie Johnson says the partnership will put small directory publishers on an equal footing with their larger competitors: "There's a race on right now in the yellow pages industry to lock down a Reputation Management supplier. Independent YPs are at a disadvantage because they don't have the bulk buying power that the big publishers have. With this agreement, independent publishers and local utility companies can offer a nationally recognized Reputation Management solution at a price that's competitive with the big companies."

On our side, VendAsta co-founder Ches Hagen sees the partnership as a blueprint for future growth in the reputation management industry: "We're in the rapid expansion phase right now - we're contacted by another big publishing chain every couple weeks. Every media company in North America wants a reputation management option for their advertisers. This deal with AD Ideas demonstrates that you don't have to be in thirty cities to compete in the rep man space. There are opportunities for players in small markets too."