A Social Tourniquet for Brands Hemorrhaging Followers

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If your customers, and their brands are losing followers, Vendasta’s in house Digital Agency is here to help!

The very first thing to examine is why followers are leaving. This may not be immediately evident, but the most common reasons people unfollow a brand are: a lack of interesting and engaging content, too frequent posts causing cluttered timelines, and feeling a lack of engagement from the business.

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Don’t worry though, these are all very easy to fix! With a little creative thinking, almost any content can be related back to the business, giving your clients endless options for content. If all the content you can think of has been mined already, start a dialogue with the followers about what they’d like to see.

Posting too often will begin to clog up the feeds of your followers, meaning they may miss information that’s important to them. An easy fix for this is simply to not post as often. Depending on the market and business type, one post per day is a good standard to start with. If you’re posting more often than that, try cutting back a little.

If these small changes don’t seem to be making much difference, try changing the type of posts you’re making. If posts are typically text-heavy, try posting more photos. You can’t go wrong with photos of your products or business! Studies have shown that social media users gather information from a photo faster than reading a block of text, creating higher engagement and more interest.

Company info, when it’s presented in an engaging way, is also popular with followers. Many people like to be informed about what’s happening with their favourite businesses. Your clients can entice new people to start following, and create a renewed interest in current followers by offering exclusive information and content for people following their social channels. For example, a coupon, or early bird hours for a sale, only available to followers.

The majority of business strategy, including social media, is focused on acquiring new customers and followers, but it’s equally important that businesses do not neglect existing ones. The more followers a business or brand is able to keep long-term, the more they will have in the future.

For more information on retaining those followers, and our effective Do It With Me™ social media options, check out our Digital Agency.

Leanne Johnson

Leanne is a digital agent on Vendasta's rockstar Digital Agency team. She is the creative behind many social posts, constantly thinking of innovative ways to build business' social presence.